FAQ: How Does the AirBrite Universal Wireless Lighting System Work?


Q:   What is included in the Lighting System?

A:   The AirBrite Universal Wireless Lighting System consists of one Active Mat, two Passive Mats, six House Lights and 6 Accessory Lights plus one 20 watt power supply.


Q:   How big are the mats?

A:   Both the Active and Passive mats measure 10 inches wide by 20 inches long.


Q:   How many buildings can I use on the mats?

A:   This depends entirely on the size of the buildings you collect. Some village scales such as Department 56's Original Snow Village are larger so fewer buildings will fit in this 10 by 20 inch size. Smaller village scales like Department 56's Alpine Village will be able to fit more buildings per mat.

      Generally speaking, each mat in the system will support 12 AirBrite lights of any type. This gives the collector the opportunity to use many lights to create the desired magic of light in the village.


Q:   How bright are the AirBrite lights?

A:   The lights, whether House Lights or Accessory Lights, are 2,700 kelvin which is a soft, warm white light. The House Lights contain two LED for a total of 40 Lumens and the Accessory Lights contain one LED which is 20 Lumens. The typical village light bulb is 20 Lumens each so the Accessory Lights are the same and the House Lights are even more bright!


Q:   What is the lifespan of the AirBrite lights?

A:   The lights, whether House Lights or Accessory Lights, are standard LED lights and have an estimated lifespan, under normal use, of between 30,000 and 50,0000 burning hours.


Q:   Are the mats customizable?

A:   While you can use the mats in numerous configurations, the mats do have spacial limitations. They can be spaced adjacent to each other or with about 1 or 2 inches between them. The mats are rigid and cannot be bent, folded or cut since this will destroy the resonant technology inside. Any bends, folds, creases, slices or cuts in the mats will void the warranty. They are durable but not changeable.


Q:   The active mat indicator light is red or the lights are blinking.

A:   Mats must not be near large amounts of metal. Nails and small screws are fine but you can not use on a metal surface or have large pieces of metal near them. The metal interferes with the "resonance" of the system and will cause the lights to blink or the mats to not emit the resonance.


Q:     What configurations are best for the mats?


A:     The best suggested configurations are below. Plus: keep sets about 4 to 6 inches spaced between each other. The technology should run independent of additional sets. Sets that are too close can cause interference.